Can you estimate a Monthly mortgage payment for $350,000 on a 30 year fixed?

I know there are alot of variables. Assume above average credit… Just need a ballpark

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2 thoughts on “Can you estimate a Monthly mortgage payment for $350,000 on a 30 year fixed?

  1. Roughly $2450 a month principal and interest, depending on your credit. This should be about average.

  2. Depends on interest

    5.00% $1,878.88
    5.25% $1,932.71
    5.50% $1,987.26
    5.75% $2,042.50
    6.00% $2,098.43
    6.25% $2,155.01
    6.50% $2,212.24
    6.75% $2,270.09
    7.00% $2,328.56
    7.25% $2,387.62
    7.50% $2,447.25
    7.75% $2,507.44
    8.00% $2,568.18
    8.25% $2,629.43
    8.50% $2,691.20
    8.75% $2,753.45
    9.00% $2,816.18
    9.25% $2,879.36
    9.50% $2,942.99
    9.75% $3,007.04
    10.00% $3,071.50

    These are principal and interest payments only, and do not include escrow. At your credit rating, you’ll probably pay 6-7% if you don’t pay any points.


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