How hard is it to get a Fha Loan?

I was wondering how hard is it to get a fha loan. My credit score in 620 and right now i make about 35,000. My income will increase in July when I graduate from nursing school. I’m also a veteran would it be easier to get a va loan? I have no revolving debt just student loans.

2 thoughts on “How hard is it to get a Fha Loan?

  1. it’s not hard to get an fha loan. I just purchased my first home with a credit score of 560 and little money down. I had to provide a lot of references but it was worth it. The house cost $186,000 and i had it built.

  2. VA loans can be gotten at 100% financing. With your income and credit score would work on improving both of them first. Even though it is 100% you still will need good faith money, money for inspections and appraisals, closing costs (unless seller will pay them) insurance etc. With an income of only 35K you are not going to be able to purchase much of a home

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