How soon can you use a VA loan to purchase a home after a shortsale on an FHA loan?

My husband and I did a short sale on our home 15 months ago on an FHA loan, because we were stationed over seas for three years it became to hard to hold onto the home. We would like to purchase another home using my husbands VA benefits now that we will be stationed stateside again. How long do we have to wait to use the VA loan?

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3 thoughts on “How soon can you use a VA loan to purchase a home after a shortsale on an FHA loan?

  1. a shortsale is basically the sale as a FC. You will need to wait at LEAST 3 years, to 5 years.

    Talk with a lender.

  2. 3 years after the home was transferred out of your name. The government (HUD) lost money in the deal- they hold a default claim in their system for 3 years & VA or FHA will not issue the lender a case # until that comes off.

  3. It takes 3 years after a short sale to qualify for a new loan. It does not matter if it is a VA, FHA or conventional loan.

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