How soon can i get a home equity loan after I buy a house?

if I were to settle on a house on Janurary 15th, can I get a home equity loan in th next 30 days??

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6 thoughts on “How soon can i get a home equity loan after I buy a house?

  1. It’s unusual but, so long as you have equity in the house, yes you can get a loan.

  2. I doubt it. A equity loan is the amount of equity you have on a house. This usually happens after you’ve paid many months on the home and you have enough equity to get a loan on the price/cost of the house, with a lower interest rate.

  3. You can get an ‘equity loan’ when you have equity in the property. If you paid $300K (as example) and the property is worth $300K only, you will NOT qualify for any sort of equity loan until the appraised value of the property increases substantially. Of course. such calculations depend on the value of your downpayment.

  4. try about 7 years when you have actually built up some equity to borrow against, although why would you want to go deeper into debt?

    you will only be able to borrow up to 80% of the homes value including the primary mortgage, so how would you expect to have any equity to borrow against when you haven’t even made your first mortgage payment yet ? That’s insane – even with a 20% down payment, it will take you YEARS to even build up another 10% in equity – especially since home prices are not going to start increasing for awhile yet

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