How long should you be employed before qualifying to refinance an auto loan?

I would like to lower my monthly payments by refinancing my auto loan. I have a good credit score to refinance (700s). I was recently unemployed (from October to February). However, I am about to start a new job this March 1.

How long should I be employed to qualify for an auto loan refinancing? (if there is such a requirement)

Thanks, I appreciate it.

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5 thoughts on “How long should you be employed before qualifying to refinance an auto loan?

  1. I checked with a bunch of places when we were looking to refinance. When they’d give me a straight answer they said you have to be employed a minimum of 3 months before they’d consider you for refinancing. We also moved at the same time as the new employment started, which also proved to be a problem for some people. Or it could have been the combination of the move and new job. We have excellent credit so that wasn’t a factor.

  2. It is not necessary that ur employed or not now, but u should have bank approval means NOC on your account for auto loan..the bank need to contact your company and required its detail if you have pre approval from bank for auto loan then forget everything and just approach your bank without telling them that you are not employed..just tell them details of your account..leave everything on need to explain to them….

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